Customer Reviews

My Leesh it arrived yesterday, here's my review. This innovative product screams "high quality". Quality line hat will last a lifetime was used in its construction. All terminal ends are not just heat shrinked but appear to have used the thicker glue line heat shrink tubing to ensure long term adhesion. The high quality 316 stainless fasteners are right sized and attachment to the reel seats or swivels, The individual leashes can be easily shortened or lengthened by simply adding or subtracting a wrap around the main line to adjust of attachment height. The line tensioner is a unique design modeled from a high quality composite materials built to last the vigors of offshore use. This is not a cheap piece of plastic. I'm more than satisfied with the quality and price point. Contact Casey and he can customize the number of individual connection points, line color and length of the main line for your specific boat. No more line mess scattered on deck to trip over. I guarantee at the boat ramp I'll be hearing, "Hey Capt, where can I get one of those cool looking Leesh It safety systems?" Developed by a fisherman for fishermen!

                                                      "Robert Callahan"

This system is worth every penny! I personal watched it save my setup this past weekend and would highly recommend it!! Great product from great people!!

                                                        "Neal Torley"

I fished two days last week high speed trolling for wahoo using this system on a set of Tiagra 50w on 4 long number two bent butts and one stand up. It is amazingly simple but yet amazingly effective. No clutter on the deck. The clips fit easily in the rod holders when not being used and even rookies were able to figure it out in seconds. Everyone that HST knows that rods always pop out of the holders on hard turns or speeding up so it’s worth the money knowing my gear is safe. I won’t ever fish without them.

                                                       "Eugene Johnson"

After 48 years of fishing (I was 3 when I started) on my Dad’s boat and now on my own, I have seen many ideas to secure your rods to the boat. This is by far the most ingenious way to do it. Not only to secure your rods, but it protects your boats fiberglass and even more importantly, the motor and props. I have personally seen a rod fall out of a rod holder and take out twin propellers and one of the lower units. That is not a good day when you’re 50 miles from shore. This product is fantastic and very well made!

                                                   "Andrew Brockman"

Clean application not having lines laying on the floor to trip over is great. Doubles as a place to hang bumpers when docking. Cool stuff.

                                                     "Jay Cobb"

We had one last good day before the Shootout starts. We went 7/7 with the 3 biggest being 89,61, and 54! My good buddy Casey Smith has a new rod leash system and it makes wahoo fishing easier and so much more effective! Go check them out! Leesh-it

                                               "Frank Vining"

awesome product. you need this on your boat.

                                           "Mitch Rice"

makes life a lot easier on a boat owner when you don't have seasoned deck hands. Not to mention the savings of never loosing a rod or damaging your boat

                                              "Andrew Pelton"